Other Financial Resources for Candidates

Candidate Assistance Fund Interest-free Loans for Training from the American Psychoanalytic Association

The Candidate Assistance Fund of the American Psychoanalytic Association provides loans up to $5,000 to candidates training to be psychoanalysts.  The loans are to be repaid within a maximum of six years.  Loans are interest-free but carry a one-time 1% service charge that is deducted when the loan is made.

Critera for Applying
There are two criteria considered in approving a Candidate Assistance Fund loan:

  • the need as evidenced by an applicant’s financial need.
  • the ability to repay the loan as evidenced by the applicant’s overall financial health.


  1. APsaA Candidate Members in good standing are eligible to apply to the Fund.
  2. Candidate Members must have completed one year of training.
  3. Financial need must be demonstrated.

Application Procedure

  • Applications for loans from the Candidate Assistance Fund need to be received at the APsaA offices by 5:00pm Friday, April 28, 2023.
  • Email Tom Newman, APsaA’s Executive Director, for an application form at or visit the APsaA website at: to download the application.
  • Submit pages 1-2 of the applicant’s most recent IRS income tax return as well as Schedule C, if applicable
  • Submit a current curriculum vitae.
  • All information contained in the Candidate Assistance Fund application will be treated confidentially and will only be available to those involved in reviewing loan applications.
  • The Association will notify the applicant by the end of the following June. If approved, a repayment schedule will be determined.

Contact: Tom Newman (, 212-752-0450, ext. 25

Resources from RESTEM (Raising Equity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

RESTEM, a non-profit, RESTEM offers the following:

  1. $1200 grants to help individuals who are either considering psychoanalytic training, or already in psychoanalytic training, who are facing inequity.
    • For information about how to access these funds, please contact
  2. Training Analysts to provide training analysis at a fee that a candidate can afford.
    • If you are a candidate (or considering being a candidate) , and interested in knowing more, please email
    • If you are a TA who is interested in helping with this project, please email me at If you would like to know more about the project, please click here.
  3. Supervising Analysts to provide supervision for control cases at a fee that a candidate can afford.
    • If you are a candidate (or considering being a candidate) , and interested in knowing more about who they are, please email
    • If you are a SA who is interested in helping with this project, please email

Candidates/ Prospective candidates who reach out will remain anonymous.

IPA Interest-Free Loans for Candidates

The IPA also offers interest-free loans to candidates. Information may be found at this link. The contact person at the IPA is Mike Tilley ( Click here to view the full procedures for these loans

General Conditions

  • Loans will be between US $1,000 and US $5,000.
  • The funds may be used for any purpose related to training.
  • Loans will be subject to contract that will specify the repayment period.
  • Repayment will normally start a year after the IPA Candidate’s graduation, at the rate of US$1,000 a year, interest-free, until the loan is repaid.

Who can apply?
In order to be eligible for loan consideration, applicants must be:

  • IPA Candidates – an IPA Candidate is one studying at an IPA recognised institute or under an IPA sponsoring committee and undergoing a course that will lead to membership in the related IPA Society and thus the IPA itself.
  • In good standing with their training institute
  • Have at least one active psychoanalytic supervised treatment at the time of application – an active supervised treatment means that you are already seeing a patient in a supervised psychoanalysis.

In 2004 the IPA launched an appeal to its members for funds to offer loans to IPA Candidates. Since then the IPA has increased the amount available considerably. The same amount is available to each of the three IPA geographical regions.

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