About SFCP


Brett Penfil, MFT, MPH, Board Chair
Maria Longuemare, MD, PhD, President
Steve Larson, Treasurer
Deborah Weisinger, PsyD, Secretary

Administrative Staff

Marcia Hodges, Administrative Director

Talk to Marcia when you need information about:

  • The Board of Trustees
  • Staff responsibilities
  • Decisions about staff tasks that may be different than what is listed here
  • Budget planning and budget status questions
  • Investment accounts
  • Proposal and grant writing
  • Fundraising

Marcia can be reached at marcia.hodges@sfcp.org or 415-563-6065

Nicole Lee, Membership Services Manager / Administrative Manager

Talk to Nicole when you need information about:

  • Membership dues and benefits
  • Donations
  • Reimbursements / Check Requests
  • The facility and alarm
  • Room reservations
  • Newsletter articles
  • Items for calendar and Impulse (NCSPP)
  • Supplies
  • Special event coordination and set up
  • IJP and Psychoanalytic Journal block subscriptions
  • Print and Marketing Materials
  • PEP Web Access

Nicole can be reached at nicole.lee@sfcp.org or 415-563-5815 x103

Tina Phu, Education Program Coordinator

Talk to Tina when you need information about:

  • Adult and Child/Adolescent PED programs and candidates (administrative support)
  • San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Child PPTP programs and trainees (administrative support)
  • Admissions
  • Curriculum and catalog of courses
  • Course attendance and evaluations
  • Syllabi and course readers for PED, SF-PPTP, PAPPTP, CAPPTP and Extension programs
  • Tuition invoices and payments
  • Program fees
  • Faculty aplications
  • Training Analyst and Supervising Analyst applications
  • PEP-Web and EZ-Proxy subscriptions

Tina can be reached at tina.phu@sfcp.org or 415-563-5815 x106

Rashmita Sriram, Librarian (Fridays only)

Talk to Rashmita when you need information about:

  • Library collections and acquisitions
  • Reprints of articles
  • Interlibrary loans
  • Archives
  • Copyrights and permissions
  • Library audiovisual collections
  • Journal subscriptions and access
  • Articles for readers

Rashmita can be reached at rashmita.sriram@sfcp.org or 415-563-5815 x105

Aaron Chow, Communications Manager

Talk to Aaron when you need information about:

  • Membership database
  • Website and eblasts creation
  • Extension and outreach event registration
  • CME/CE credits
  • Webcast and AV set up
  • AirTable creation / maintenance

Aaron can be reached at aaron.chow@sfcp.org or 415-563-5815 x104

Upcoming Events

Saturday, December 2, 2023
Child Colloquium Series
Kira Steifman, PsyD, and Deborah Weisinger, PsyD (presenters); Yen Quoc, PsyD (moderator)
Monday, December 4, 2023
Scientific Meetings
Mitchell Wilson, MD (presenter)
Wednesday, December 6, 2023
Coalition for Clinical Social Work
Jasmine Khor, LMFT, and Tim Kim, PsyD (storytellers); Jyoti Rao, MFT (interweaveer); Clara Kwun, LCSW (moderator)
Thursdays, January 4 to May 2, 2024
Extension Education Programs
Laura Farha, LCSW, Mdiv, Julia St. George, LCSW, Timothy Sasaki, LCSW, MPH, and Beth Kita, LCSW, PhD (instructors)
Saturday, January 6, 2024
Dialogues in Contemporary Psychoanalysis
Era A. Loewenstein, PhD (presenter); Michael J. Diamond, PhD, FIPA (discussant); John DiMartini, PhD (moderator)
Monday, January 8, 2024
Scientific Meetings
Salman Akhtar, MD (presenter)
Wednesdays, January 10, 2024 to January 31, 2024
Psychoanalytic Student Seminars
Beth Steinberg, PhD (instructor)
Wednesdays, January 10 to May 15, 2024
Extension Education Programs
Sandra Gaspar, LCSW, Danny Yu, LCSW, and Elizabeth M. Simpson, LCSW (instructors)
Saturday, January 13, 2024
Dialogues in Contemporary Psychoanalysis
Olivia Laing (interviewee); Daniel G. Butler, LMFT (interviewer); Elizabeth Bradshaw, PsyD (moderator)
Saturdays, Jan 20, Feb 24, and Mar 9, 2024
Special Programs
Joseph Aguayo, PhD; Maxine Anderson, MD; Peter Goldberg, PhD, and Bruce Reis, PhD, FIPA, BCPsa (presenters and panelists)
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